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State organisations, health centers, army, approved schools, correction centers, the organisation with necessity the person monitoring, drug centers, pharmacy, doctors, specialist, transport organisation, companies, like selftest, parents for children .
Wide utilization
Alcoholtest P.
The packing include 10pcs. of tubes for testing alcohol vapour in breath.
Price the basic packing : 7,47 € without VAT.
In the purchase over 166 € without VAT we give the discount 3%.
In the purchase over 664 € without VAT we give the discount 5%.
Our firm offers you a new generation of ecological detection tubules to detect alcohol from breath, which does not contain chrome or heavy metals. On the ground of the new constitution of the filling, detection tubule ALCOHOL TEST P and its using is under the law about wastes No. 223/2001. At liquidation used tubule there are no further spending on separation and controlled liquidation. Set ALCOHOL TEST P consists of detection tubules, the application is totally safe. Its components fit together and manipulation with them is simple and fast. While using the tubule it is not necessary to file or break anything. The tubule will prove even a small quantity of alcohol and it will graduate it. The kit consists of practical package with instruction, volumetric bag and mouthpieces to every tubule. ALCOHOL TEST P is the cheapest possible solution to removing hard alcohol drinking in the workplace. This increases safeness of working progress, efficiency and morale in the workplace. Personnel on different levels of control, guards services, masters, and security technology persons will benefit from using ALCOHOL TEST P.
Graduating quantity alcohol in blood.
No perspective firm in Slovakia, which employs employees in manufactoring or nonproductive operations can do without fast verification, which will quickly show hard drinking of alcohol by staff.
Alcohol test P and its usage is under the law about wastes No. 223/2001 as well as EU specification about wastes 75/442 EEC and 91/689 EEC.
Alcoholtest Altík / New
Same like Alcoholtest P set but in innovative packing.
Alkoholtest Altík.
The packing inlude 1 pcs. of tube for testing alcohol vapour in breath.
20 pcs. are packed in 1 display.
In the purchase over 166 € we give the discount 3%.
In the purchase over 664 € we give the discount 5%.