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State organisations, health centers, army, approved schools, correction centers, the organisation with necessity the person monitoring, drug centers, pharmacy, doctors, specialist, transport organisation, companies, like selftest, parents for children.
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Multidrug minilabor
The packing include 1 pcs. of set with 5 strips for urine.
Price the basic packing: 10,80 € without VAT.
In the purchase over 166 € we give the discount 3%.
In the purchase over 664 € we give the discount 5%.

Multidrug minilabor (detection from urine). Multidrog minilabor is for fast detection of present of most often used stupefying materials and their metabolites from urine . (amphetamins, speed, opiates, cannabis, cocaine).
The test is fast and reliable, applicable also for an orodinary person. 5 or 10 minutes is enough for evaluation. The test is good for parents for verification drug taking by adolescents, or for verification of employees in the workplace. In Germany traffic police use the test too, and in our country we are thinking about too. Package test Multidrog minilabor includes sense piece and detailed instruction for use.

Druglab Oral / for profesionals /
The packing include 1 pvs. of set with test dish for saliva.
Price the packing : 22,58 € without VAT .
In the purchase over 166 € we give the discount 3%.
In the purchase over 664 € we give the discount 5%.

Druglab Oral 6 (detection from saliva). This reliable test allows on fast detection of the presence of six insider drugs from saliva namely: amfetamin, speed , opiates, cannabis and phencyclidins .
By the help of Druglab oral 6 it is possible to detect reliably and quickly the presence of the mentioned types of drugs in the human body. The results are available after 5 - 10 minutes from take away sample. The set in hygienic package includes saliva collector, collecting bowl, its own testing part and instruction for use.
The advantage of the test is, that in case of any result , it is possible to send the sample in the collecting bowl for another laboratory processing.